Poly-carbonate Lenses

Poly-carbonate lenses (a.k.a. "PC" lenses) are the obvious choice for sport sunglasses- when having proper eye protection is a concern. PC lenses are shatter-resistant, lightweight, and are also ideal for everyday wear. Here are some quick facts:
  • They're more impact resistant than plastic
  • They filter 100% of UV rays and fluorescent light
  • PC was initially designed for cockpit windows in fighter planes! It offered pilots the impact-resistant, clear window they needed for full vision
  • In the 70's, NASA started to use PC for both astronaut helmet visors and space shuttle windshields
  • With growing popularity, it was introduced to the general public in the 80's as a safe and affordable alternative to the regular plastic eyeglasses.
  • Today, PC lenses are still used as the standard lens in eye-wear focused on protection. 

So naturally, we use PC lenses in all of our Coldwater Classix sunglasses. You just focus on living #inthemoment. We've got you covered. 




(Info sourced from: Shades Daddy Sunglass Blog)